Letter to Petitioners

Dear 2020 petitioner,

You may have helped state ballot issues before. Now is the time to support 2020’s Petition Rights Amendment, a reform that solves all the petition hurdles we face. PRA is the model petition reform.

PRA secures the right to petition all local governments.

PRA subjects all but 12 yearly “emergency” laws to possible petition. With 600+ state bills yearly, we have endured their non-stop scam since 1933. A miracle petition in 2019 will finally give us the right to vote in 2020 on one bill--the Electoral College ripoff.

PRA provides one year for state entries (now six months). It resets the goal to 111,000; in 2018, it zoomed from 98,500 to today’s 125,000 (190,000 in reality). Entries for state laws will need two-thirds the constitutional amendment number (=74,000 valid). Future petitions, voted on one day each year, will be protected from legislative repeal.

PRA affirms the original registration presumption; only foes can disprove it. Each entry is counted separately; no more rigged “statistical” or “random” samples pre-selected for failure. Petition peaceably in any public area without eviction.

PRA modernizes elections. Websites will be printed on ballots, not buried by special interest radio and TV ads. Petitioner statements will be sent directly to voters, not intercepted or twisted in hostile government-controlled pamphlets.

Our grassroots group can pay collectors directly $1 per valid entry for 300+ completed, notarized entries weekly. There is no withholding. Obey all rules; fraud will be prosecuted. Be one of the Nifty Fifty, ready and steady, who get paid to defend the petition process!

Visit our website, PetitionRights.com. Read the text, email your questions, and sign up soon.  Absent a court fight, our petition drive will begin in January. Hope to hear from you.

Petition Rights 2020. GO for it!